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The team at Diggerland USA is happy to answer your questions and help you plan your trip. You can contact us using the form below, email us HERE or you can give us a call during normal office hours Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. You can also follow us on social medai and sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on new rides, sales and special events.

PLEASE NOTE: Postal correspondence can be sent to: Diggerland USA, 100 Pinedge Dr., West Berlin, NJ 08091


If you are searching for specific information, our website offers our frequently asked questions, park hours of operation, tickets and admission, interactive in-park map, directions to the park, hotel and ticket packages, special events, discounts, park policies and more.

Children riding the Soaring Eagle zipline up to a 120 foot tall tower where you can see the entire Diggerland park.


You can find general park, water park specific, park policies, and special needs frequently asked questions answered. If you can’t find an answer to a specific question, contact us! We are happy to help.

Families drive on a relaxing train ride around Diggerland USA park.


Diggerland USA’s park hours are available in calendar form and special events list to plan the ultimate family-fun trip to our theme & water park. Park hours and dates may change and are weather-dependent.

Family poses in front of wave pool in The Water Main. They received discounts on tickets from AAA.


Diggerland admission tickets, season passes, holiday light show admission, cabana rentals or gift cards at the ONLY construction theme & water park can be found here.

Children cheer as they ride in the back of a dump truck in seats experiencing what it is like in the truck bed.

Hotel & Ticket Packages

Diggerland USA partners with aRes Travel to provide hotels and ticket packages. Bundle and SAVE when you combine the hotel of your choice and tickets to Diggerland USA.

Get admission to the only construction theme & water park and drive real machines like this smiling girl on a Kubota tractor.

Park Map

Click for the Diggerland theme and water park interactive map, your ultimate guide to navigating our exciting park! You can explore our diverse attractions, rides, and points of interest with ease. 

Children splash and play by the BIG bucket water feature in Jackhammer Bay.

Park Directions

Diggerland USA is located at 100 Pinedge Drive, West Berlin, NJ 08091 (Off Cooper Road via Route 73.) If you have specific questions regarding directions to the park, please feel free to contact us

Military truck decked out in holiday lights for our Drive-thru Holiday Light Show special event.

Special Events

Diggerland USA operates March until the beginning of January with special events all year long to make your trip to our theme & water park memorable. Most of our special events are included in the price of admission or season passes.

Spin Dizzy spinning kids around in circles while they scream, smile and cheer.

Ticket Discounts

Diggerland USA welcomes you with a range of exciting discounts, ensuring that your adventure at our park is not only thrilling but also budget-friendly. We offer special discounts for AAA members, participating seniors, military personnel, veterans, and first responders

A family group posing for a photo smiling on the Big Chair at Diggerland USA.

Groups & Camps Discounts

Enjoy special group discounts for spring, summer and fall events. Book early to secure your perfect visit date. Experience all that Diggerland USA theme & water park has to offer with your entire group!

Aerial photo of The Water Main water park and wave pool with people enjoying themselves in our gated theme park.

Park Policies

Here you will find detailed information regarding park terms & conditions, park rules & regulations, ride rules and regulations, New Jersey law, service animal policy, website and app terms of use, patent information and sweepstakes or giveaway policies.



Where is Diggerland USA located?

Diggerland USA
100 Pinedge Drive
West Berlin, NJ 08091

  • From the NJ Turnpike: Take Exit 4
  • From I-295: Take Exit 36A
  • Diggerland USA is approximately 30 minutes from Philadelphia, 50 minutes from Atlantic City and 90 minutes from New York City.

What ages are appropriate for children visiting Diggerland USA?

  • All rides have height restrictions, which you can find at our Rides & Attractions page. Please visit this page to view specific ride height and weight requirements PRIOR to your visit.
  • Diggerland USA is appropriate for children who are at least 36 inches tall. Children under 36″ tall are free to enter the park for a limited number of attractions.

How can I tell which rides I can ride?

  • Most activities involve riding or driving real construction machinery.  A brief, general description and photos of each ride are available HERE
  • Since all of our rides are real construction equipment, they have uniquely different size, shape, access and boarding and seating positions.   Operating instructions are given by the ride attendant at the time you board the vehicle.
  • We are occasionally asked, in advance of arrival at the park, if a particular child, or individual with a disability, injury or other concern, will be able to board or operate certain rides or a particular ride.  We typically cannot tell in advance of arrival if a specific individual will be able to board or operate a particular ride. Our pedestrian routes to boarding areas are wheelchair-accessible and comply with applicable ADA requirements.
  • We cannot tell any individual with medical concerns or disabilities if they are able to board or operate a particular ride.  We suggest that you consult your doctor before arrival.  The rides are described on this page.  Your doctor may wish to contact us with questions about the rides.
  • Any individual who meets all ride height, safety and other requirements may access the ride. Each ride has height requirements, and in some cases weight restrictions, which should be reviewed in advance HERE Some rides allow for lap riding, provided that the riders meet these requirements and the seat belt fits securely around both riders. A lap rider is only allowed with a parent or legal guardian. A rider must be able to properly use all belts, harnesses, straps, grips and other safety equipment required or provided. A rider must also obey and abide by all written, posted and stated warnings, directions and instructions.

Will I get dirty?

Only if you wipe your hands on your jeans instead of a napkin when dining in our café! When you think of digging, you may think dirty. But here, we keep the park meticulously landscaped, attractions maintained and clean, and have paved walkways, waiting areas, and other locations. Please do not wear wet bathing suits, flip flops or sandals.

What should I wear to the construction theme park?

Diggerland USA is a family-friendly park.  We ask that you wear appropriate clothing, including a shirt, and safe, comfortable footwear, at all times in the Construction Theme Park.  Please do not wear flip flops, sandals, water shoes, aqua socks or heels.  Clothing and other attire with inappropriate, offensive or profane words, symbols or graphics are prohibited.

For safety reasons, for rides and activities, certain types of footwear and clothing are not permitted.  Prohibited footwear includes open-toe or open-heel footwear, flip flops, sandals, water shoes, aqua socks, heels or any footwear that is not safe, securely-fitting and securely fastened.  Loose clothing is not permitted on any rides or attractions.  On certain rides or attractions with harnesses (Rock Wall, Ropes Course and Greased Beast), the following are also not permitted: tank-top, camisole, spaghetti strap, half-shirt, crop top, halter top, tube top or similar outerwear.  On all rides or attractions, bathing suits, as outerwear, are not permitted. (Bathing suits as outerwear are only permitted in The Water Main.)

We recommend you bring a change of clothing and footwear if you visit during or shortly after precipitation or if you combine your visit to the Construction Adventure Park with a visit to The Water Main.

Diggerland USA reserves the right to determine the safety of any attire on a case-by-case basis.  Diggerland USA reserves the right to modify its health and safety rules and regulations in its discretion from time to time with or without notice and on a case-by-case basis to address or accommodate any circumstance, event or occurrence for which Diggerland USA in its discretion believes modification is warranted.

What should I wear to The Water Main, water park?

Diggerland USA is a family-friendly park.  We ask that you wear appropriate swim attire at all times in The Water Main.  The Water Main regulations include the following:

  • Water shoes and aqua socks are recommended but not required.  Must be clean to enter pools.
  • Proper swim attire required.  All attire must be clean when entering pool, course or attraction.
  • Swimwear may be a safety issue.  Swimwear must be colorfast, lightweight, safe and suitable as swimwear.  Swimwear should not be so loose or oversized as to endanger the wearer or others.
  • No cutoffs, gym shorts or provocative swim wear.
  • No bathing attire with exposed zippers or buckles, or belts, rivets, grommets, metal or any other sharp items or edges, permitted in pool.
  • All straps, strings, drawstrings, waistbands, etc. must be securely tied.  No loose threads, tassels, straps, strings, drawstrings, waistbands, knots, bows, etc. or other bathing attire that may pose a safety issue.
  • No necklaces, watches, rings or any other sharp items permitted in pool.
  • To ride The Pipeline slides or the Rip Rap Run obstacle course, eyeglasses must be securely affixed to riders with head straps
  • Weak or novice swimmers, small children all children under 36” tall must wear U.S. Coast Guard-approved Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs).  We provide PFDs as available.
  • Children not yet toilet trained must wear an approved swim diaper.
  • No clothing or other attire with inappropriate, offensive or profane words, symbols or graphics.

We recommend you bring a change of clothing and footwear if you visit during or shortly after precipitation or if you combine your visit to The Water Main with a visit to the Construction Adventure Park.

Diggerland USA reserves the right to determine the safety of any attire on a case-by-case basis.  Diggerland USA reserves the right to modify its health and safety rules and regulations in its discretion from time to time with or without notice and on a case-by-case basis to address or accommodate any circumstance, event or occurrence for which Diggerland USA in its discretion believes modification is warranted.

How much are tickets?

For specific pricing please visit our General Admission page.

How much is parking?

Parking is free.

Are wagons or strollers allowed?

You are welcome to bring a stroller or wagon into the park. We also have two-seat strollers available for rent at admissions or our guest services booth. Stroller rentals are $8 with a $20 refundable deposit when the stroller is returned. 

Do you have electric scooters for rent?

Yes, electric scooters are available in limited numbers for rent, in the park, on a first come, first served basis.

Do you offer Season Passes?

Yes we do! Diggerland Season Passes can be purchased online HERE!

If I have a season pass do I need to present identification for admission?

Yes.  At the time of each visit, season pass holders must first stop at admissions to receive a wristband. Season pass holders are not permitted park entry without a valid wristband.  Season pass holders will be asked to confirm their first and last name, and Diggerland USA will confirm the picture we have on file.  Diggerland USA has the right to request photo identification for anyone over 18 years of age at any time for anyone attempting to use a membership.

At the time of a Season pass holder's first visit, during the season pass process, the guest will need to provide their first and last name, email, phone number, date of birth, and home address.  A photo will be taken as well and that will be the photo associated with that season pass for its duration.  No season pass holder will be admitted without their photo on file.

Diggerland USA operates a digital season pass system and may choose to not issue cards or any other proof of season pass other than the original season pass purchase receipt and the demographic information and photo on file.

Do you offer group admission pricing?

Yes, we do! Learn more about group savings, camp rates, and e-consignment option on our Group Sales page.

How long are tickets valid?

Tickets are valid for the season for which they were purchased.

General admission tickets are not valid for special events and private or special parties, which are separately priced or not open to the general public.

For questions regarding weather considerations, please refer to our “What happens in inclement weather?” FAQ, or call our main office at the above phone number.

Are tickets refundable?

All purchases are final. No refunds will be permitted.

What happens in inclement weather?

Inclement weather and other conditions may necessitate the closure of select attractions or the park as a whole. Diggerland USA may sometimes operate in light-to-moderate rain; however, rides and other outdoor attractions will close in the event of heavier rain, or thunder or lightning. Depending on when the inclement weather has passed, the park as a whole, or select attractions, may reopen.

If on a scheduled regular operating day, Diggerland USA opens but later closes a majority of the attractions, or the park as a whole, for more than two (2) hours due to inclement weather, guests leaving after that time receive a complimentary “rain check” ticket valid for one later regular operating day.

We recommend that you call in advance with questions about our available capacity or our operating schedule. Please call our main office (856-768-1110) during business hours with any questions

Do I need to purchase a ticket if I am not riding the rides?

Yes. Everyone who enters the park must purchase a ticket. Admission is free for non-participating guests 65 years of age and older and guests under 36 inches tall. Learn more at our Special Discounts page.

How much does it cost to ride the Soaring Eagle Zip Line?

The Soaring Eagle zip line is available for an additional $6 per individual rider. Diggerland USA season pass holders receive a 50% discount.

What types of payment are accepted at the park?

We accept cash, credit cards, debit cards and Apple Pay.

Accepted credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Credit cards issued outside the U.S. are not accepted for online purchases but can be used on-site for ticket and other purchases.

Photo identification is required for all credit card/debit card purchases.

Do you sell food inside the park?

Yes. The Lunch Pail, The Munch Box, The Toolbox Café, Splash N' Dash, and The Forklift Café offer several dining and snack options. Check out the menu HERE.

Can guests bring their own food and drinks into the park?

Outside food and beverages are not allowed into the park except for one clear, unopened bottle of water per guest. Other exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis for baby food, food allergies and medical purposes.

Baby food in its original container and baby formula in its original container or in a typical baby bottle may be brought in. Please present these items for inspection at the admission booth / security check.

Individuals with food allergies may bring in for themselves a small meal or snack (of products not sold in the park). Please ask for a park manager at the admission booth / security check.

Individuals with medical, dietary or nutritional requirements may bring in for themselves their necessary food and beverage products (of products not sold in the park). Please ask for a park manager at the admission booth / security check.

Please contact Guest Services in advance of arrival if you have any questions.

In all cases:

  • Exceptions will not be made for food or beverage requirements based on ethnic or religious beliefs.
  • Peanuts or peanut products are prohibited.
  • Glass containers are prohibited.
  • All outside food must be in plastic containers.

We also offer a handful of picnic tables and shaded areas outside of the park gates for your convenience.  So as long as you keep your wristband on you may enter and exit the park as you please.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes, we do! Our lost and found is available during our regular hours of operation. Send an email to info@diggerlandusa.com for more details.

Do you have parking for buses and RVs?

Yes, we do have parking spaces available for buses and RVs but they are first-come, first-serve. Please note that we do not allow RV-parking overnight. Parking is available to RVs and buses during your park visit only.

We have compiled a list of nearby RV-accessible campgrounds and recreation areas (we are not affiliated with the below campgrounds):

Do you offer lockers in The Water Main?

Yes, lockers are available to rent:

  • Payment: Cash or credit card
  • Size: 17.5”H x 14”W x 16.5”D
  • Price: $15 for the day
  • Location: Poolside

Do you offer private pool sitting areas in The Water Main?

Yes, cabanas are available to rent on a first come, first serve basis.  We recommend reserving online ahead of your visit HERE! Please note: Tickets must be purchased for park entrance.
Cabana reservations may be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled reservation date/time (generally 10:00 a.m.) Reservation rescheduling is subject to availability. Call (856) 768-1110 to reschedule and check availability.

Should I bring a towel to The Water Main

Yes, you should bring a towel, but if you forget, towels are available for purchase!

Can I reserve a chair in The Water Main with a towel?

For the enjoyment of all guests, there is no reserving of chairs in the park. Water Main staff may remove towels from anyone abusing chair reservations. One chair per person.

What should diaper wearing children wear to swim at The Water Main?

Children of diaper age should wear swim diapers.  You may bring your own or purchase at the park.

Can I bring my own floaties, swimmies, or flotation device?

Only US Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Devices are allowed.  Life jackets are available for no charge at the water park on a first come, first serve basis!

What water accessories can I bring to The Water Main?

Goggles, masks, swim caps, nose plugs, and aqua socks are allowed.  Snorkels, flippers, balls, squirt guns, noodles, inflatables, and diving games are not allowed.




Rides & attractions at Diggerland USA ARE NOT restricted based on age of the operator.

Rides & attractions at Diggerland USA ARE restricted based on operator height.

Let the Fun Start!

Drive, ride and operate real machinery at the ONLY construction theme & water park in the U.S. Located in West Berlin, NJ.